Bioinspired Polymeric Materials Lab.

Our research focuses on the design, synthesis, and engineering of polymeric materials, learning from how nature makes functional materials evolved over millions of years. Our long-term research goal is to "create our own materials" by converting the molecular design principles developed by nature to synthetic systems and contributing to the advancement of science and technology. In the short-term, we are conducting research projects on bioinspired materials such as, (i) Seawater-assisted self-healing materials, (ii) Polyphenol-inspired antioxidant polymers, (iii) Tunicate-inspired bioadhesives, (iv) Cells and extracellular vesicles engineering by the MPN coatings.

Research Opportunities

We are welcoming prospective students and researchers from around the globe who wish to join us. Please check the following websites.

For more information on studying, researching, and visitng short-term, feel free to contact A/Prof. Ejima directly via email (

Group News

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